Influence of Western culture is the reason behind “Mass molestation” of Women during New Year’s celebration in Bangalore. Are you serious??

As a Bangalorean and a die-hard fan of Bangalore culture, I am heartbroken after the shameful incident of Mass Molestation that happened during New Year’s Eve celebration in MG Road.

It was a night of disgust and shame for Bangalore on 31st December 2016. I have an experience of dwelling in all the 3 metro cities, Mumbai for 4 years, Delhi for 2 years and now a permanent resident of Bangalore. While I still vouch for extreme safe and respectful environment of Mumbai for women, I am also very proud of extremely affable and cool culture of Bangalore and have always considered these two cities anytime better than Delhi for women. Alas! The shameful incident of Mass molestation of girls happened on 31st December 2016 in Bangalore and I feel so hesitant to call it a cool place anymore.

To add to the misery of the victims and the Women community as a whole, as reported by the guardian the Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara made a very sexiest comment on the entire episode. Once again, Women clan become a scapegoat to maintain culture and dignity. He blamed the western dressing sense and blindly following the western culture to be the main reasons for such kind of incidents. He also blatantly added that he cannot force people to dress like Kannadigas.

I understand that there was some amount of security failure. But as always blaming the failure of police force in tackling such kind of mishaps is not a solution at all. From a source, I also learnt that there were enough policemen and women deployed to tackle such kind of abominable incident if by any chance it takes place. However, the situation was so chaotic and ghastly that unruly drunken crowd of men seemed to be outnumbering the police force. To make the situation worse, they even started groping the Police women. I wonder how it happened going by the formula of our home Minister as mentioned above, considering they were fully covered in police uniform from head to toe. In this kind of situation, I wonder if any women would have been spared even if they were dressed in Burkhas or Sarees

Why can’t sexiest mindsets be stopped and instead, talk about reforming the society and mindset of this kind of cheap minded people? Alas! It will be really tough or impossible for me to teach my daughter or even son “not to get raped” than to educate them about broad minded culture.

Till I wrote this article, there seems to be no formal police complaint filed against this incident. I am sure that the victims of the incidents are still not able to get over this trauma, forget about visiting a police station to file a formal complaint against this. But, I hope this is not taken lightly and some of the women rights group on behalf of the entire women community would take over this on their shoulder and help this fateful victims get some justice.

It is high time for us to understand that we need to change our mindset. We also need to teach our children to be broad minded human being as they grow up. Our collective effort as a healthy society along with anti-sexist minded authority will definitely help us to tackle such kind of sexual harassment as a whole.

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