No Pants to office….Like what?

While we Indians boast of numerous colorful but quiet conventional festivals and celebrations, West always manages to amuse me with various offbeat celebrations like Halloween and No pants day. I definitely start nurturing curious thoughts about them and my curiosity always leads to amazing and rational reasons behind those celebrations which make me smile.

 Like every year since its inception in 2002, no pants day in Subway was organized on 8th January this year by improve everywhere which garnered a huge participants from various places like New York, Berlin, London and Prague. From 2002, this unique celebration has come a very long way from eight people getting handcuffed for disorderly conduct in 2006 out of 150 people to garnering humongous participants in the recent one. In spite of legal issues happened on 2006 with eight people getting arrested for disorderly conduct in public and in 2016 in Russia when it happened for the first time, I feel the reason behind it subdues the debate behind whether it is supposed to be mass disorder or not. Due to societal norms it sounds like a taboo to go out with an underwear in public but I do believe that until and unless no one is naked and everyone is laughing seeing the antic it is fine. And that is what the motive behind this act is. It makes people laugh and reminds people not to take life too seriously. I truly like.

I Hope am not sounding cheesy but I tried getting a glimpse of the events browsing #nopantssubwayride in Instagram.

I thought you would love to laugh and smile seeing some of them which I felt were both hilarious and wonderful photos.

Everyone is so happy in here 😀

I am still Nerdy

Effortlessly stylish

Corporate arrogance still on 😉

urrgggh I am freezing seeing him!


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