The most liked Instagram picture of Beyonce’s Pregnancy announcement has an essence of famous historic paintings

With over 70 Lakh likes on Wednesday, Beyonce’s Instagram picture announcing her pregnancy broke the previous record of singer and actress Selena Gomez’ Instagram post which was the most liked in 2016 with over 63 lakh likes.

Beyonce is looking exquisite and extremely content in the picture. The beautifully photographed picture has an essence of famous historical paintings especially those pictures which feature Virgin Mary, Queen Elizabeth I and birth of Venus. It reminds of paintings of famous artists like Jan Van Eyck of 14th century who is famous for extremely difficult painting, Arnolfini Portrait. It also reminds of artists like Raphael, Vincent Van Gogh, Rubens and Warhol. It certainly shows a great inclination towards religion and portrays a significant resemblance with Virgin Mary portraits. The background and set up reflects “Rococo style” which appeared in France after Louis XIV’s succession.

Clearly reflecting the celebration of love, happiness and the glow & beauty of the new would be Mother, overall composition and artistic touch in the photography is brilliant. No wonder it is the most liked Instagram post now. Congratulations and tons of happiness to the new mother!


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