New ad campaign of Furlenco in association with FilterCopy is funny yet hilarious take on social media addicted current generation youth

A few days back famous entertainment Website, FilterCopy which is the flagship channel of Pocket Aces in collaboration with Furlenco released a hilarious ad titled “If parents behaved like us”. Icing on the cake is the brilliant performances of renowned and talented Theater actors, Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha. Considering the hilarious content and awesome performances of all the characters in the Ad, no wonder the video has gone viral within a few days of its release.

This is the first campaign around the theme “Live Life To The Fullest” of Furlenco in association with FilterCopy. Though funny and happens to be a reality check on the current generations’ social media addiction, it also is an acknowledgment of the merit of fast growing digital entertainment industry.  It also sends out a brilliant message which is the core tagline of Furlenco, “Own experiences not products”

As protagonist, Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha both do a brilliant job. It is relatable, hilarious and easily one of best advertisements created in recent times.

Enjoy the video here

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