Happy Woman’s Day 2017!

Since a very long time women have been fighting for their right and equality. Thus, the origin of celebration of Womanhood as International Woman’s day can’t really be traced. In 1908 around 15000 Women marched through NYC demanding better pay and voting rights. As declared by Socialist Party next year February 28 was observed as Woman’s day.

Following the footsteps of America, in 1911 International Woman’s day was first time celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19. This celebration was a result when around 100 women from 17 Countries agreed to Clara Zetkin, leader of Women’s office for the Social Democratic party in Germany.

But till its induction, UN recognized it only in the year 1975. Ever since it is celebrated every year with a theme each year. Theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange. This theme is to encourage Women to step up and take bold steps to drive gender equality.

Thus, Woman’s Day is celebrated Worldwide that marks the celebrations of Women’s achievements in any kind of field while calling out for gender equality. To mark the day People Worldwide take part in various Events, different rallies, conferences etc.

Many institutions celebrate in unique way to mark this wonderful day of Womanhood. Every year Google comes out with innovative Doodle to mark this day. This year too it has come out with amazing Doodle with around eight slides portraying the greatness of Women in different roles. When you end sliding all the eight slides, it leads to the display of some of the top successful and recognized Women in history like Lotfia ElNadi, Ida B. Wells, Ada Lovelace to name a few.

Chipsandgossips wishes Happy Woman’s Day to all the wonderful Women out there without whom this World have been the dullest planet ever existed in the history of mankind.


One thought on “Happy Woman’s Day 2017!

  1. Everyday should be Woman’s day.. I never went threw a Walmart so fast in my life.. Everyday should be Woman’s day.. Woman should even drive on woman’s day.. The world is so much better on woman’s day, god bless woman’s day.

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