Anger is the Worst enemy: Our view on Kapil Sharma controversy

As human being we are absolute slaves of our emotions, both positive and negative. And it is a known fact that among all negative emotions, anger is probably the most destructive one. It has the capability to turn the most sensible person into a moronic human being. In turn they end up losing friends and families. Once the damage is done even million amount of regret and “sorry” don’t seem to be enough for the damage control.

With success come more responsibility. And with infinite amount of growth in digitization where words spread like a wildfire, we as fans and public would expect that our favorite celebrities present themselves more maturely and sensibly.  After all celebrity status is a result of love and acknowledgment of their fans. Recent Controversy of the ace comedian Kapil Sharma who reportedly drunk and abused his Team members, especially his closest co-worker and biggest competitor, Sunil Grover in drunk state proves the aforementioned rational. Once loved and lauded by people is now being accused of abusing his success and fame due to arrogance. While it is too early to come to the conclusion whether this incident is Kapil Sharma’s blooming career’s beginning of the end or it might be a forgotten case in a few years like other numerous controversies in the entertainment industry but we definitely cannot deny the fact that damage is done.

As a struggler from a small town as an unconventional artist as a comedian in entertainment Industry, Sharma’s Journey is in fact very long and strenuous. The amount of fame he has attained now and a niche he has carved for himself is humongous, considering the talent like “stand-up comedy” was still considered an alien during the time this small time lad began his journey a decade ago. His hard work, unbelievable talent and charming attitude went down pretty well among the masses. Even though, there were always a few set of unavoidable critics of his work, there was no denying that he left behind then ace comedians like Raju Srivastava and rose to fame and glory. Even Sunil Grover falls in this list of competitors. Apart from keeping behind his competitors, his diligence and dedication managed to entertain the audience with successful shows like “The Kapil Sharma show” and “Comedy nights with Kapil”. He managed to make his status in this business so firm that he even managed to bag a few recognition. In 2016 he was placed in 7th position as most popular and 11th position as the most earning celebrity by Forbes India in 2016 among 100 selected celebrities. He was also mentioned by our honorable prime Minister for his commitment towards Swacha Bharat Abhiyan.

But the recent activities of Kapil Sharma make us anxious whether we are going to gradually discover this funny man in the horizon of downfall who once literally made us laugh out loud and managed to distress ourselves with his unbelievable wit

A few years ago he had a downfall with his producers and he had to quit his very popular show, “Comedy nights with Kapil”. He even had a downfall with the same Team member, Sunil Grover who quit the show to only return back to him after delivering a flop show independently. Despite not knowing the real reasons behind these conflicts, public who were completely wooed by Kapil’s talent blindly supported him.

This same crowed seems to have forgotten all the above mentioned incidents and are seen blindly supporting Sunil Grover. Some of them are even claiming that Sunil Grover is the backbone of Kapil Sharma’s Show despite the record fact that the former had returned back to the latter’s show after his independent show became a flop. We cannot blame the public due to two simple reasons. As per aforementioned rationality of emotions, people loose friends and close ones after they are enslaved by the dirtiest negative emotion called anger, doesn’t matter how much ever trivial the span of that slavery might be. Another reason is we are crazy fan country. We pelt stones at our cricketers’ house’ when Indian Team loses and on the other hand shamelessly wait for hours in the Airport for the same Players when they return back from a victorious Match.

We still will have to wait and see the consequences of this controversy. Even though we have our own liberty to jump into emotional conclusions whether Kapil is required for Sunil’s Career or vice versa or both of them have symbiotic association in each other’s success, it is a universal fact that the way Kapil treated his co-workers is not impressive at all. Sony’s innovative strategist or innovative Script writers might be able to save the show or after a few years public might even forget the full Kapil-Sunil Drama but end the end of the day the irremediable damage is already done whatsoever.

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