Jaipur CCD video row #BoycottCCD

Fresh news has emerged that Arpan Verma whose video of being slapped by a CCD employee had surfaced online, faces arrest after a complaint from the employee. She has alleged that he called her slut and a bitch. After the news of police complaint has emerged #BoycottCCD is trending on Twitter.

In this era of Post-truth we don’t even know real truth behind the depth of provocation due which the girl ended up slapping the man. If the depth of provocation is justified then maybe the complaint against him is justified too. But we simply cannot compromise with the fact that CCD is also equally liable for its irresponsible conduct of serving food to the customers from the same place which serves as resting place for extremely unhygienic cockroaches’. In addition to this if it is the case of “acting smart” by the CCD authority to maintain their brand name while abusing “the female fondness of law” then it is definitely not justified and they should also know that public is not a fool.

At the same time we cannot deny the fact that public tend to grow more sympathetic towards the first mover with his/her side of the story. Considering the Twitter post by Arpan Verma on not slapping back the lady as given below we can state that while we condemn his language towards the lady if proven true, we as a public still have the benefit of doubt that the case might be of “merely a self defense” by CCD and nothing else.


Also, the boy has his own disadvantage of not able to file a case against her slap due to two factors. First is due to disparity of physical strength between men and women and secondly, societal norms and gender roles.

We hope the investigation is fair and good and whoever deserves justice should duly be awarded with justice as soon as possible. However, we also want a proper action against the CCD authority for compromising with quality and indirectly contributing towards the ill health of the customers #BoycottCCD.


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