A Tribute to the Macho Hero of 70s-80s, Vinod Khanna

The veteran actor Vinod Khanna who was hospitalized on March 31 due to complain of severe dehydration passed away today morning after battling with prolonged illness of bladder cancer. Some days ago there was a picture going viral online where Khanna looked completely emaciated. His son Rahul had stated to the press that it was the case of dehydration and he was recovering. But, unfortunately he was indeed suffering from cancer and we lost one of the veteran Actors this Thursday morning.

It is indeed an irreplaceable loss in the World of both Cinema and Politics. Vinod Khanna was one exceptional Actor who started with negative roles in some of the cult movies like, Aan Milo Sajna, Reshma aur Shera and Mera Gaon Mera Desh and with due course, due to his dedication, talent and popularity started getting offers of lead roles. Apart from donning a cap of successful macho hero of 70s and 80s, one and only big competitor of Amitabh Bacchan, Khanna also had a successful Political career as sitting MP from Gurdaspur constituency (between 1998 -2009 and 2014 – 2017).

As a tribute to the Veteran Actor we have listed below some of his brilliant Work which created a huge impact on Film lovers:

Mera Gaon Mera Desh (1971)


Mera Gaon Mera Desh is the super hit movie which gave Vinod Khanna the much desired recognition after his small and negative roles since 1968. His grey character as the main villain of the movie with the signature looks of black tika, sideburns and moustache and a very heavy and effective acting is still admired and remembered by the audience. In fact this movie turned out to be Khanna’s lucky charm and offers of lead roles starting pouring in to him due his talent and popularity.

Amar akbar Anthony (1977)


This complete Masala movie was supposed to be solely Amitabh Bacchan’s movie, who was ruling the Industry then. However, Khanna’s acting as police inspector Amar with signature thin moustache was equally applauded by the audience and added to the galore of the movie.

Achanak (1973)


This classic thriller movie by Gulzar loosely based on Nanavati murder case of 1958 was one of the highlights of Khanna’s acting career. He plays an army officer who kills his wife after discovering her extra-marital affair. The depth of emotions of both angst and loss of everything he portrays through the acting was outstanding.

Inkaar (1977)


Khanna was one & only and the toughest competitor of then superstar in making, Amitabh Bacchan. Infact it is believed that if he woulnd’t have taken a spiritual break, he was in a position to surpass the later.  The main highlight was his unique and daring choice of movies.

One of such kind of movies is this Inkaar, a remake of Japanese movie “High and Low” (1963) directed by Akira Kurosawa, based on King’s Ransom . This movie was completely in different league  from the ‘lost and found’ formula films of then and helping the actor to break the typecast.

Jurm (1990)


Jurm is one of the most commercially successful movies of Khanna, directed by Mahesh Bhatt. In this movie Khanna brilliantly plays a Shekhar Verma, a Mumbai Police Inspector leading to both critical and commercial success of the movie.

Hera Pheri (1976)


One of the six films where Vinod Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan starred together and the pair of duo were immensely loved by the audience. This comedy crime movie was a superhit movie at the box office for which Khanna received a Filmfare nomination for Best supporting actor, the only nomination for the film.

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978)


Even though a supporting role, Khanna received a huge recognition for his role in this commercially successful blockbuster. The film was the third biggest hit of the decade following Sholay and Bobby.

Parvarish (1977)


This was another hit movie starring the hit duo, Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna. It became such a hit that it was declared the fourth highest grossing film of the year at the box office.

Aap Ki Khatir (1977)

Aap Ki Khatir (1977) MP3 Songs

Giving memorable hit like “Bombay se aaya mera dost”, Vinod Khanna’s character as a wealthy son who defies his weathy family to marry a poor girl was much appreciated.

You will be missed Vinod Khanna. Rest in Peace!


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