PROMOTION AND MARKETING STRATGEY OF BAHUBALI: Resulting in 4 AM shows, humongous craze, ridiculous ticket pricing, shut down of award winning movies and lot more

Targeting Indian movie market, it is indeed extremely daring to invest a lot of money in making visually appealing movies with high quality VFX equivalent to Hollywood standard. It is even more dangerous when you target only a certain region of India.

Even after failure of Eaga which contained abundance of opulent content and visuals, extremely talented Director, Rajamouli didn’t give up investing money on high quality VFX movie. Only difference is, he learnt from his mistake and apart from only focusing on techniques and direction, this time he also focused aggressively on marketing which is also one of the most important aspects of making a movie successful. It worked so well that the first installment of the Movie didn’t flair well solely in the regional Market but also grabbed eyeballs in the entire India and International market.

Team Baahubali took marketing so seriously that for the first installment the promotion was started two and half years before the movie release. And for the second installment the promotion started in parallel with the first part, which is technically even before the movie went on floors. The promotion was very innovative but interestingly cost effective. It managed to create a lot of buzz and finally ensured a huge success of the movie. The marketing Team leveraged the power of digital marketing which is one of the cheapest form of marketing. Almost all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, Twitter were fully utilized for promotion in whatever innovative way possible. Series of contests were organized, Baahubali T-shirts were distributed and the makers even went forward and created a huge record breaking Poster creating a stir and restless Buzz among the crowd way ahead of the movie release. Special focus was given and strongly presented in front of media that “Baahubali was the biggest budgeted movie in Indian Cinema history” which was a big contributor in creating some serious positive buzz among the crowd.

In turn the first Instalment of the Movie, “Bahubali: The beginning” turned out to be the top grosser in the year 2015 beating all records. Apart from the Tollywood Industry of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in which it was originally made, it got a direct release in other three different languages – Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam, bagging top production houses as distributors from all the four regions of India. The distributors of Baahubali are Arka Mediaworks in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Dharma Productions in North India, Studio Green in Tamil, Global United Media in Kerala and BlueSky Cinemas for overseas markets.

The craze is wilder and more for the Second instalment even before it is released. The second installment of the movie, “Baahubali 2: The conclusion” has surpassed all the records of Indian Movie craze. It has managed to defeat the craze of even the likes of Rajnikant and Salman Khan Movies. There was no report of 4 AM show being sold out for Rajnikant’s Kaabali or Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijan. Due to public demand, Baahubali 2 had to be released one day prior to its official release date of 28 April. It was released yesterday, 27th March in the night and interestingly all the tickets for at-least a week are sold out. The most ridiculous fact being, tickets are sold out even if first shows in numerous Theaters in India begin at crazy 4 AM. Long queues of almost 3 km can be witnessed in front of Theaters at wee hours of the day.

Click here to see long queue video

Reports state that 99% of people in the queues are facing disappointment due to lack of ticket and tickets are getting sold at whopping 4000 Rs. Black movie ticket market seemed be be gaining a sudden boom while other movies released one or two weeks prior are facing ill-luck and unjust to be pulled down because of Baahubali 2. The award  winning Bengali Director took to Twitter to vent down his displeasure on his Award winning movie, Bishorjon being pulled down in Kolkata because of Baahubali 2.


But the fact is, Bahubali has set a new trend and broke the record of “being a regional Indian movies breaking into National commercial movie scene”.

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