Why Bahubali is way more than a Visual treat

Bahubali proved itself to be one of the record breakers in the history of Indian Cinema with more than 1000 Cr. Revenue Worldwide. It is next to impossible to break the record of Bahubali so easily or maybe it might take a decade or more to be at par or to exceed the record of this Masterpiece. While the fans were awed with out of the World Special effects, super talented Rajamouli treated the fans with way more than that. To add to the beauty, alongside magnificent Special effects, he added many more spices to the movie which enthralled the audience equally. While presenting a work of fiction based on rich Indian history, Manifestation of the essentials of Indian Culture with unapologetic approach to the values of Sanatan Dharma was quiet impressive. Portrayal of ideal Women characters made one an all so proud. Hard work of super talented cast and crew was clearly visible. Director Rajamouli was at his best in showcasing grandeur with flawless execution.

Here we list down the five points why we consider Bahubali to be one of the greatest Movies ever made in the history of Indian Cinema.

Out of the World Visual Effect

Talented Rajamouli always dared the conventional Indian movie market filled with commercial masala movies to make unconventional movies and never did he managed to disappoint the audience. With Bahubali he indeed set the standards very high for everyone including himself. Indian films were never before so daring to invest such a huge amount to create a visual magic on the screen. Rajamouli invested, created a magic with his grand vision and brilliant execution. Bahubali is undoubtedly one of the best visually appealing movies ever created in the history of Indian Cinema.

Glorious presentation of Women Characters

It is a bitter fact that in most of the block buster Indian masala movies, women characters are cast only for namesake. They serve as not more than glossy show pieces or to some extent damsel in distress. Bahubali in the contrary portrayed the image of an Ideal Indian Women. It beautifully portrayed the importance of a woman in a man’s life.

Queen Regent of Mahishmati, Sivagami displays tough woman leader with never give up attitude even though her heart breaks into pieces when she has to compromise with conspiracy to go against the protagonist, Amarendra Bahubali whom she loves more than her son. Custodian of Mahishmati’s honor, Devasena, a warrior princess is an example of an ideal wife who everyone desires in their life. She is attractive, gentle, romantic at heart, devoted to her husband, and at the same time extremely tough, talented, intelligent and boldly unapologetic. The other important lead lady in the movie is Avanthika who secretly longs for her desires by accidently seeing reflections of her charming face, reflecting softness and innocence of a Woman character and yet she chooses to remain an undying rebel. Women in real life is soft, gentle at heart, loving, giving but at the same time when time and situation demand they are tough, multi taskers, blessed with never give up attitude, has iron like heart and soul to deal with any kind of hardships and are unintimidating whatsoever.

Perfect Cast

All the actors in Bahubali seemed completely handpicked. Starting from the Protagonist to the antagonist including supporting characters everyone gave their heart and soul out to their respective characters.

Some of the Special mentions are the main Protagonist, Bahubali, The main antagonist Bhallaladeva, Sivagami, Katappa, Avanthika, Devasena and Bijjaladeva. Prabhas, with his perfect Macho look delivered one of his best performances of his career as the main protagonist both as Amarendra Bahubali and Mahendra Bahubali. The character as the main antagonist, Played by Rana Daggubati as Bhallaladeva was mind blowing too. His physic, expressions and acting was so strong that despite being the antagonist, audience failed to despise him and instead a few claim that they felt gloomy when he was finally knocked down by Mahendra Bahubali on the pyre to be burnt alive. Without the strong presence of Sivagami and Katappa, movie would have be incomplete and insignificant. And obviously it wouldn’t have been so much fun to watch if strong female characters like Avanthika and Devasena didn’t display their acting prowess. Last but not the least, the movie would have lost its track without manipulative yet powerful character like Bijjaladeva played by very talented actor, Nasser. Undoubtedly, Bahubali had full package of acting prowess which added to the galore and grandiose of the movie.

Presenting Protagonist as the most ideal character

Bahubali is that men who every mother would vouch for, every women would desire as their husband and everyone would love to be led by this dynamic leader while getting inspired by him. Bahubali showcases an intelligent, strong, honest, dynamic, good looking, nice yet unbelievably humble character. Too ideal a character to be true in real life.

He is a dedicated son and at the same time respects and love his wife from the core and can go to an extent to protect her at any cost due to the trust and love he has for her. His sacrifice for his lady love to marry her and let go off the Throne is too luring to women.  He is one of the most humble persons and does not believe in showing off his power to woe his lady love. He respects his Wife’s family equally as he respects his own family. His love for the countrymen is unmeasurable. To top that he displays a lot of intelligence and sensibility be it handling day to day affairs or be it handling an altercation between his wife and his mother. Bahubali is an ideal son, brother, husband, leader and most importantly very good, strong and humble human being who would be loved by one and all.

Unapologetic depiction of the venerable history of Aryas, approach to the values of Sanatan Dharma and the manifestation of rich Indian Culture.

While many Indian movies does nothing but ridicule showing only a facet of Indian culture, Bahubali did something different. It presented a rationale glorification of the customs of the Aryas striking a perfect chord with the Indian audience. It is the first movie which depicts faith, gallantry, love and courage as facets of Dharma and kingdom. The point to be noted was Bahubali doesn’t apologize for showcasing what it believes in which makes it all the more epic and interesting.

Nothing in this World is perfect and so is Bahubali with miniscule amount of faults here and there. Nevertheless, with all the grandeur, perfect execution, acting, soothing music it is undoubtedly one of the greatest movies ever created in the history of Indian cinema. It is easily one such movie which can make us very proud in front of the entire World.

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