A Khasi Woman from Meghalaya attired in her traditional dress asked to leave the Delhi Golf club: Another disgraceful instance of elitist Bigotry

In another extremely appalling incident, a Khasi Lady, Tailin Lyngdoh was asked to leave Delhi Golf Club on Sunday, 25 June despite her being invited in her own right as a guest of a member. The disgraceful reason cited was her looks and the attire she chose to proudly wear. They were informed that her dress is shabby and she looks like a dustbin and a Nepali Maid. This is an untoward incident of one of the nastiest elitist bigotry, racism stooped down to another level, unpardonable obnoxious deed whatsoever. It reflected a high level of Chauvinism and ignorance when the objection continued even though the elitists’ gatekeepers were informed that Ms Lyngdoh was wearing her traditional Khasi dress, Jainsem. It is understandable that this kind of elite clubs have dress codes where traditional dresses like Saree and Dhotis are always welcome. In this scenario, it doesn’t sound very convincing when loyal gatekeepers of so called “elitist” stoop to such a level and decide the dress code based on the looks and end up insulting someone’s pride, someone’s traditional dress, close to their heart. It is all the more shameful incident synonymous to “plights of Untouchability” for all of us Indians since Ms. Lyngdoh never faced this discrimination anywhere outside India prior to this. In-fact she pointed out that the dress was appreciated by the people in London and Abu Dhabi.

This is not only an example of another crass incident of discrimination towards Northeast and Nepalese but also raises an eyebrow on the attitude of elitists’ towards their Maids, Helps et al. I happened to watch the news about this incident on NDTV yesterday night. Unjustifiable, rather clueless arguments presented by the Delhi Golf Club member trying hard to clarify the incident on behalf of Delhi Gold club not only dismayed me but also ended up making me feel embarrassed about our(Indians’) love for classism. This being an irony how we tend to complain about discrimination and racism in foreign countries.

Signing off with heavy heart as I am not sure how many more generations it would take to erase our dirty, ugly classism mindset if ever it happens miraculously. Gandhiji and all those people who sacrificed their life fighting with British would have felt insulted today if they were alive since their reason to fight with British is continuously mocked by our mindset. It is a tough situation for some of us who genuinely desire complete eradication of such mindset but we still cannot give up hope. To soothe us temporarily, we hope that a strict action be taken against the club for racial discrimination and heavily fined for hurting sentiments of a respected individual, residing in democratic Country, India.

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