Shoojit Sircar tweeted asking for a Ban on Children reality TV shows, and we hope, the authority takes this seriously

Time and again the extremely talented director and producer, Shoojit Sircar has displayed his concern on social issues by giving us movies like Pink and a short movie titled #ReleaseThePressure.

Yet again with his recent Tweet, he has displayed his concern on “negative effect on innocent Children by reality TV shows”. With this tweet he sent out a strong message asking for a ban on reality TV shows featuring children.

He Tweeted “Humble request to authorities to urgently ban all reality shows involving’s actually destroying them emotionally & their purity”. Yes, indeed! Reality shows seem to be witnessing a sudden rise in popularity with booming TRPs. This is not an exception even in case of “Children’s reality shows”. Despite a lot of criticism and debate, children’s reality shows see a high rise in number every year.

Reality shows are part of glittery showbizz World which have a high chances of negative side effect even on a grown up adult with constant pressure of fierce competition. In this scenario, they surely wouldn’t have a different effect on Children, which deceive us with adorable looking shows with bunch of lovely children on display with fully painted face. In the age where children have right to have a carefree life with their innocence at peak, we truly believe that this innocence shouldn’t be compromised for TRP games.
In such a state strong voice against this culture from a strong and influential personality like Shoojit Sircar was much needed. We hope the authority takes his tweet seriously and acts on it as soon as possible.

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