Fairness Creams Ads: Promotion of Racism

Many would love to argue that like other marketers, marketers of Fairness products too are “just” taking advantage of a niche area to market their products. In the process it is unfair to tag them racist when they are just portraying a character of an opportunist. Same logic implies to the big celebrities like Sharukh Khan and Deepika who endorse them for huge bucks. Mercilessly tagging them “racist” can be further nullified by the simple fact that “color preference” can be completely obscured by other factors such as education, background, money etc. in matrimonial processes.

Despite the backing with numerous logical or illogical arguments, I strongly feel that fairness creams ads are nothing but a melancholy display of despise towards “darker skin”. It is unfortunately an eloquent preach of fairer skin serving strongly to the already prejudiced Indian society. Aside from the super misleading ads, everything about fairness creams are just not convincing. Presenting “Fairness as synonym of “handsome” and “lovely” with the names like “Fair and handsome” or “Fair and lovely” is drop dead hysterical. Critics diligently did their job and came up with criticisms when NDTV tried to raise its voice against color discrimination with the show “What’s your choice: Say no to colour discrimination”.

For a record, most of the critics stated that this show was dangerously anti-liberty. The whole episode was quiet ironical to me whilst it itself displays an attitude against the liberty of NDTV or for that matter liberty of anyone who stands up against color discrimination. Similarly, likes of Abhay Deol or Kangana Ranaut have their full liberty to stand against it by either raising their voice or refusal to endorse a fairness cream. Or how Sharukh Khan or Deepika have their own liberty to embrace this opportunity with lucrative offers.

Nonetheless, simply put, fairness creams are nothing but promotion of Racism. One of India’s favorite stand-up comedy sensation, Sourabh Pant has humorously but very rightly pointed out this bitter truth in his show, “Fairness creams are racist”.

A girl goes for a job interview and the interviewer is dazed by her looks without even going through her CV. This is absolutely daft and face palm moment. Breaking all the limits of stupidity in the World, instead of nurturing her on self-confidence and qualification for the job, her parents or siblings handle her a sachet of fairness cream as the solution. It doesn’t end there. The parents display racism towards their own new born child by opting for products like “fairness Baby oil”. Its high time we think about it.

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