Ban on bouquet culture by Modi government: Highly commendable gesture

On 17 June, our honorable Prime Minister while delivering his speech during the inauguration of Kochi Metro pleaded the people to present a book instead of bouquet for greetings. He further stated that at best, a flower, a Khadi handkerchief or a book may be presented for greetings purposes and such a move can make a big difference. This small yet valuable step of Narendra Modi is highly commendable.

Firstly, Encouragement of Books and Libraries

Current generation is blessed with unbelievably advanced technical World. While we seem to be engrossed with innovative new technologies every now and then, many, especially the new generation fail to understand the beauty and importance of reading books. Most of the 90s children are lucky enough to taste the best of both the Worlds. Bibliophiles would claim that No matter what kind of ingenious gadgets seem to displace the hard copy books, nothing can replace that magical smell of books or no Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat could shower that wisdom you get from reading books. 

Secondly, a heed towards Khadi Industry

Khadi Industry is part of glorious hand-loom Industry of India demonstrating the rich and diverse Indian culture. It is a 5000 year old Industry, preserving undying glory of our ancient heritage culture. Most importantly, hand-loom Industry provides a huge scale employment to rural India, providing employment to around 13 million weavers who work hard to preserve our culture. For a record, it is the second largest employment provider of Rural India, ranking just after the agriculture Industry. Unfortunately, currently, the Industry needs more attention to keep alive our illustrious ancient pride, or with time it may verge on the path of extinction.

This kind of small yet significant gesture from the honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a very applaudable step towards better India.

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