‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Premiere, Dragonstone

Spoiler alert!

Season 7 of GOT is one of the highly anticipated seasons of the mega series. After years of undulating stories which flabbergasted everyone with unpredictable twist and turns finally seem to calm down heading towards the conclusion. But, the complexity of the season is on high point and deeply intriguing.

Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion finally head towards Westeros, Arya is determined to tick off names from her murder list, while in the North, sibling rivalry seems to be brewing up between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark whilst in an endeavor to unite the North, And an unforeseen scene of Jaime Lannister trying to put some sense into her determined and stubborn sister, Cersei successfully buy our attention.

In the opening scene, the barbarous, Walder Frey, Mastermind of Red wedding feasts on the impending shatter of his enemies. The scene strikes off beautifully with a brutal and pleasurable closing scene of entire banquet hall poisoned by Arya Stark. Slow unmasking of Arya’s face after successful mass assassination blends in you with a triumphant feeling of avenge as well as subtle recap of the horrid red wedding scene of season three where almost entire Stark family was scraped off in the most grisly way. Scene closes with a victorious smile on seemingly matured and determined face of young Arya Stark, a rejoice on striking off important names from her murder list.

In the north, amid a subtle but clear prognostication of bitter sibling rivalry, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark struggles to unite the North. The slow but palpable rivalry to be slowly coddled by Littlefinger.

Knight Sandor is seen traveling perpetually to his road to redemption. The infamous mundane disfigured knight is seen behaving in the most civilized way. He buries the skeletons of a father and daughter whom he robbed while on a run with Arya Stark. Once an over cynical and hopeless knight who shrugged or paid no attention to any Worldly matters, for a change stares and pays attention to the Lord of Light. It was an engrossing scene to see this vulnerable knight, haunted and petrified foreseeing the end of civilization when he sees a grisly scene in the fire where White Walkers’ army  walks on the civilization.

Down south, Cersei stands on the freshly painted map of the dynasty she has reigned and stands firm to continue reigning.  Her only living family, her loving brother, Jaime standing beside her, analyses the whole situation they are currently encompassed with. It was surprising and captivating to unexpectedly see a sensible brother out of Jaime, trying to talk sense into her stubborn sister, making her realize how they have no heirs left. However, Queen Cersei Lannister, with never give up attitude feels that the dynasty belongs to them now and discusses a new strategy to find an ally to defeat the enemies.

The show’s most God like character, with her huge fleet of army and her three full grown dragon children, Daenerys Targaryen, finally heading towards Westeros along with Tyrion Lannister lands in Dragonstone. “Welcome to Dragonstone!” The fleet enters the Dragonstone, tip toeing behind their beloved Khaleesi, no sound, no talk. ‘Shall we begin?’  The Dragon Queen asks Tyrion.

While we don’t have much to comment on Ed Sheeran’s cameo appearance, nevertheless, as expected, GOT season 7, premiere keeps its firm grip on its essence of being subtle and unpredictable. It seemed pretty simple, yet stands strong and successful in building up curiosity as expected. What god forbidden deed will Euron Greyjoy do to impress Queen Cersei to win over the ally with her. Or what menace would the subtle flirtatious nature of Euron with Cersei would lead to. Will the rivalry of Stark siblings be fueled furthermore. Who are the next hot names in Arya’s murder list. Will there be any twist and turns on the story of dragon queen and what would happen when two of the most powerful characters, Dragon queen and Jon Snow meet. So answering back to Dragon queen’s question, “Shall we begin?” “Yes, we are absolutely ready and eager to begin!

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