Parody Raps raining in Mumbai this Monsoon: RJ Malishka and BMC row

We have been witnessing an eventful turn of events ever since the internet is blessed with that famous viral video of RJ Malishka, mocking the pathetic Mumbai potholes, video posted by Red FM India on 10th July.

In the video, which got extrememly lucky to be viral in a very short span of time, RJ Malishka has turned into a rapper with her husky tone. She is seen humming a parody based on famous Marathi song, “Sonu Tuza Mazyavar Bharosa Nai Kai” pointing out the potholes issues of Mumbai and funnily mocking the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC).

Even though the video is absolutely chuckle some with catchy tune, one who stays in Mumbai or ever stayed in Mumbai will admit that it is indeed a serious issue. Unfortunately, the series of events after the video was posted is nothing but events synonymous to kindergarten brawl with illogical turn of events, completely unfocused on the real issue.

Shiv Sena and BMC got offended.  The Sena claimed that RJ is ignorant and didn’t have knowledge that railways and arterial roads in the city do not come under BMC. They further added that RJ and the Radio channel did it for cheap publicity stunt. The situation got more ridiculous when they took the offence so seriously and went ahead and filed Rs 500 crore defamation case against the radio channel. A notice was also sent to the RJ’s mother for breeding dengue mosquitoes in and around their house. They further stated that this notice is mutually exclusive of the entire incident and is a result of only a routine survey.

The Shiv Sena was also rather fast to respond with a parody addressed to the RJ:

We don’t have much comment on the Shiv Sena’s (dull) parody. We just feel, instead of wasting time and effort on suing and making useless parody to reply her back and giving her so much importance, should have utilized those time and effort in analyzing the deteriorating civic condition of Mumbai.

As expected, public support for Malishka started to pour in from all the angles, fellow Radio Jockeys to activists to common man to even the parliamentarians. RJ Jose Covaco who is popular for his sarcastic funny Tweets came up with a hilarious video sarcastically poking fun on the potholes of Bandra, describing the piteous state of Mumbai streets, which get worse during Monsoon.

Former Information Commissioner and activist, Shailesh Gandhi also showed his solidarity with a tweet in support of the RJ and posted a similar kind of video in the youtube. He also requested the public to come up with similar kind of videos in support of her. Next in line were the politicians and parliamentarians like AAP leader Anjali Damania and Sambhaji brigade who expressed their support for the RJ. Ironically, BJP too came forward in her support while they themselves are repeatedly censured due to intolerance. On a record, they stated that the whole episode is nothing but a strike against freedom of expression. Opposition in the BMC was not the one who would want to be left behind. Accordingly, the leader of opposition of BMC and the congress Corporator, Ravi Raja defended the RJ in a letter to Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, stating that RJ expressed the sad condition of Mumbai’s streets and did not intend to defame BMC by any means. He further stated that the administration should not take the dengue notice seriously and requested BMC to not come up with revengeful action against Malishka.

Meanwhile, we are again blessed with another catchy Rap Parody from the Radio channel on 20th July.

Malishka further tweeted that she is a rapper now and she is ready with six more songs.

I had stayed in Mumbai for around 4 years and I can say that whatever Malishka said through her funny video is in fact very serious. Though Mumbai is blessed with romantic rains during monsoon, the pathetic civic issues are curse to Mumbaites. The civic administration has become lot more better over the last two years but it still needs a lot of attention.

What makes the situation funnier is, while the Sena and BMC went on to state that it is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt, ironically the whole situation is turning out to be in favor of the the RJ and Radio giving them huge publicity in the process. It seems more like a foolish childish banters, wasting time and effort in making useless raps and parodies. Instead, we wish the authority took the  criticism seriously and worked towards solving the real civic issues.


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