MTV ‘Dropout’ or ‘Dropdead’ for Entrepreneurs ?!!!

With so much of publicity all over for MTV Dropout show as first of its kind in the world, I was eager to watch. With all excitement I viewed it on the weekend. What a Show ?!!! Must say I’ve watched several Startup Shows and this is by far the Crappiest one ever seen. A show with a format that is fundamentally flawed. Kept wondering how bad a show can be produced by MTV and its people, who do not have any clue of Entrepreneurship.

‘Drop Out’ word itself is glamorized, hyped and over used. Not to mention irrelevant usage of words ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Startup’ in between to cash in the hype and maximize TRPs. Generally people associate ‘Dropout’ word with someone who discontinued his academics midway either due to unavoidable problems or lack of interest. First time I got to hear this word emphasized so much for someone who changed his Path, Career, didn’t like his family business or Corporate Job or simply changed his normal thinking process in life. A nice try of then somehow connecting it to Entrepreneurship and make a big show out of it. Sounds bizarre and meaningless.

Thanks to Raghu and Rajiv for making this “Hiring Roa(w)dies for Entrepreneurship” show. They were trying to act as if they were experts in assessing Human Psychology, Risk taking Abilities, Personality, Attitude, etc., Honestly, they are the ones who badly need help. Some Behavior Classes are the least and MUST required. I’m not sure whether they have ever been Entrepreneurs in their lives, but certainly did not seem to possess any qualities that could inspire or teach Wannabe Entrepreneurs. Perhaps they can teach Entrepreneurs on how to Act or Anchor a Drama in front of Investors and Customers. After all, they are famous and well known Indian celebrities in the likes of Dhinchak Pooja, Rakhi Sawanth, Poonam Pandey, Om Swami,…….. Anyway, in this show, Super successful entrepreneurs Raghu and Rajiv will teach so called Dropouts how to become the next Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma !!!

The message they seem to give is “Dropping out” is Cool. If you are studying in school or college, F%#K IT and just become an Entrepreneur. Remember Ditching school was the first thing that Dhirubhai Ambani, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc., did. Atleast do the first thing right, if not other things they later did. Mind you, entrepreneurship is easier than studying History or playing Sports. Now is the best time, not because Venture Capitalists are vomiting money on your business plans, but Raghu and Rajiv are hiring you to join their Startup. The Interview may look like Interrogation or Intervention or Insulting, but that decides whether you can be a CEO or a Janitor in the Startup. You don’t need any talent or knowledge. Be KickAss and just know how to beat the shit out of people. More so of your parents who unnecessarily put you into good schools, slogging and sweating their asses out. If they object, just make them watch this show. So that they can lose all hopes and never come in your way ever again. You can also put that in your CV as your accomplishment or daringness to go against your obstacles. If you are in a job, your life is doomed ! How dare your Boss orders you, asks you to do work of his choice ? Throw your resignation on his face, abuse him and do a Startup. So that you can hire him as your Chaparasi soon. Entrepreneurship is a hallmark of Bravery, Chivalry that only Hatke and Sarphira Swaggers can do it… !

Opening First show was so bad, I am highly disappointed and have less hopes of any reversal or turnaround in forthcoming shows. I have lot of regards and respect for Alok Kejriwal, Sandeep Aggarwal and Anisha Singh. I’m wondering how did Raghu, Rajiv and MTV mafia manage to suck, swindle and trap them into this. Poor folks, their embarrassment could be sensed throughout the show. I’m sure they did not have much idea of what they were getting into. A con attempt of Raghu, Rajiv leveraging these entrepreneur trio’s achievements, popularity and credibility for the show. Do you remember Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare ?

I’ve watched other shows like Shark Tank, etc., There is so much to learn from those shows, where within a span of 15 mins, Experienced and Successful entrepreneurs give valuable advice and insights to startups, with or without investment. I’ve seen several youngsters admiring Shark Tank, getting inspired and having learnt a thing or two about Entrepreneurship.

“Dropout” show in the present format seems to do more harm than doing any good to the aspirational youth population and Entrepreneurship at large. Already ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Startups’ are over hyped and glamorized way too much. So many youngsters are jumping into it just out of hype or pursue it as Get Rich Quick Scheme. A show that truly educates about Hard realities, Brutal hardships, Dos and Donts, De-glamorize, Share Insights, Wisdom, Inspire and Prepare people to pursue real journey of Entrepreneurship in the way it requires, is the NEED OF THE HOUR.For heaven’s sake, don’t portray Entrepreneurship as a religion or cult.

On the whole, a BIG THUMBS DOWN to the first episode of “Dropout”. I have less hope of this show taking 360 degree turn and becoming Super good, as long those two Goonda Bhais continue to dominate the show. Present and Wannabe Entrepreneurs, please ‘Dropout’ from watching this show to save your Dreams, Spirits and Hopes.

Vinayak Rajanahally is the writer of this article. Vinayak is the founder and CEO of eventValue. This article was first published in his linkedin profile.

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